A Poem For Proactivity!

A Poem For Proactivity:

‘Motion is lotion. 
Dance where you glance.
Move to improve. 
Leap where you look. 
Jump through the slump.
Walk the talk.
Shake it to wake it.
Spin for the win.
Cut the crap.
Shovel the shit.
Smell the roses.
Clean for a gleam. 
Mortar and pestle. 
Enjoy the wrestle.
Smile every while.
Vibrations for the inter-nations.
Fill your cup.
Water your daughter. 
Post with a toast.
Rest with the best.
Begin with a grin.’

(Rory LemonAid, 2021)


Are there any tricky situations you’re avoiding that you would like to get proactive about?


I support ‘dyslexic’ manual health practitioners, Osteopaths and coaches to stop struggling and design a lifestyle that thrives with optimal energy and impact.

Feel free to get in touch if you want some easy ways to get clear and focussed!

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