A Poem For Precision

‘Between stillness and movement,

Between relaxation and work,

Between focus and flow,

Between fixation and letting go,

Between intuition and reasoning,

Between meditation and the moment,

Between consideration and exactness,

Between simplicity and complexity,

Between difference and unity,

Between isolation and connectivity,

Between naming and knowing,

Between language and meaning,

Between day and night,

Between hot and cold,

Between energy and impact,

Between sorrow and rejoicing,

Between waiting and arrival,

Between mystery and understanding,

… Existence is found.’

(Rory LemonAid, 2021)


I feel it can often take me only a minute or so to change my perspective and make better decisions, depending on the situation or the weight of the challenge I am facing.

Next time you feel upset or resistance, stop and notice how you feel and allow yourself to get present who you truly are and who you want to be!

What are you getting from this?

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Coaching helps people get in touch with their full intentions, understand their heart’s true goals and build the system that gets them there!

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… and neurodiverse thinking comes from a ‘Unique Learning Ability.’

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