‘When people see a chance for making a positive change for themselves, they get super-excited!

‘When people see a chance for making a positive change for themselves, they get super-excited!

… and then, they so often freeze and pull away using stories about how not to pursue it.

There is a deep subconscious feeling that they will lose a fundamental part of who they are when making that change,

… when actually it’s just a huge ‘smoke and mirrors’ lie, from an overly-protective, overly-judgemental, ‘dark elephant’ type character that’s very comfortable with being lazy and resentful for proactive change.

This is really what’s really suppressing amazing opportunities and possible futures from unfolding.

No truly virtuous parts of our identity can be lost when exploring what’s possible.

The ‘dark elephant’ reactivity is simply part of a pattern that can be recognised, positively influenced and worked on.

Sometimes it also takes some loving, assertive objective help see these patterns more clearly and therefore act upon accordingly.’

(Rory LemonAid, 2021)


Health manifests and comes from what we choose to do via our mind, habits, beliefs and choices.

If we don’t look into and work with our mental strength and agility, we will make poor choices and our body has to take what comes regardless.

Looking after our mind will therefore look after our health within our work and life … and therefore the balance can often occur naturally or easily be found!

I feel it can often take me only a minute or so of mental fitness practice to change my perspective and make a good decision, depending on the weight of the situation and challenge I am facing.

Next time you feel upset or resistance, stop and notice how you deeply feel and allow yourself to get present who you truly are and who you want to be!

This is where best decisions, growth and inspiration comes from.

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Coaching helps people get in touch with their full intentions, understand their heart’s true goals and build the system that gets them there!

… So healthy habits, optimal energy and somatic coaching here we come!


If your looking to improve your passion, intention and commitment for your longer-term health picture, and therefore thrive with emotional energy, impact and agility for yourself and others,

… all whilst learning a new skill that could be passed on to your clients/patients, so they may understand how to access, build and maintain better habits,

… give me a shout
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… and there’s a complementary somatic coaching strategy session waiting for you!


I help professional ‘supporters’ with neurodiverse and/or chronic health issues to thrive in life with energy and impact.

… and neurodiverse thinking comes from a ‘Unique Learning Ability’ (ULA).

Feel free to make contact if you want some easy ways to get clear and focussed!

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