I have been transforming my beliefs and relationship with money, which has been pretty confronting!

… and asking for financial support has had a heavy psychological feeling for me in the past.

At a deeper level, it comes down to automatically being avoidant around explaining my needs, feeling the fear of discrimination and a lack of self-worth.

It’s been like learning to challenge, review, adapt and reinvent my personality!

… and importantly for me, not getting caught up in the dysfunctional labels my brain wants to put on me and hold me back on, especially while I’m writing a clear message down into text (4 hours later!)

I feel there is also this big subconscious message that goes around in society about ‘being strong,’ ‘independent,’ and ‘self-sufficient,’ which isn’t wholesome, natural or useful.

Is any of this bringing up similar feelings in you I wonder?

I’d say stepping through fear is a worthwhile and freeing process to go through, regardless of the ‘struggle’ to stay comfortable within, because it’s all for a bigger vision, the service of others, for a better world in the long run.

… So here I am providing a simple way to ask for and receive financial support, breaking through my embarrassment, reinforcing my courage to do what’s essential to me, stepping through my fear and being fully open to receive whatever is possible with no attachment.

It’s a Go. Fund. Me. … So I will be so happy for your support in whatever way you feel you can … even by spreading the word to those who could help, would be fantastic!

Further details of this fantastic project (and an opportunity for you to make some money, if you so wish), fuelled by my passion for a better world, found here:


It’s time to celebrate our Unique Learning Abilities in action!


ps – I’m so thrilled to see so much initial support!

To be clear, this is not only an opportunity to support a project that will serve so many people going forward.

It’s also an opportunity to make a return on the short-term investment if you so wish!

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