‘Sometimes you just have to accept and enjoy even the most unfavourable times when your mind is on fire!’

(Rory LemonAid, 2021)

Neurodiversity can be such a chore, yet the blessings and high-reasoning/problem-solving skills outweigh it all for me!

I am reframing neurodiversity issues and challenges with learning with a process in functional learning and self-expression by exploring the understanding of how to work with our Unique Learning Ability (ULA)

I’m thrilled my online summit (see my other posts!) aims to uncover top secrets to thrive with confidence, stability and productivity is in the process of development!

I feel we are creating everything in our lives as we go forward, be it a conscious or subconscious choosing, and what we prioritise with our thinking patterns makes things happen (or not happen)!


I work in healthy habits coaching, using a mix mental fitness techniques, Holistic Health Hygiene, optimal energy and somatic coaching.

It helps to break down the dysfunctional behavioural patterns at the emotional level and replace new motivations and habits that are simple to understand and implement.

Trust and compatibility in the coaching relationship and its process is absolutely first and foremost, so it’s all about the initial discovery and strategy session.

I provide these sessions as complimentary to see whether it’s good fit for you or not.

Anything less than this and referral to my network of coaches would be required.

Feel free to get in touch for a session!

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