I’m so thankful for those who have given towards my gofundme so far! 💪🏼❤

It’s great to feel I’ll be able to look back and say my life’s work was supported and kickstarted by those I care about and those who care about what I do, which is simply fantastic!

I believe this is how the world could work (and would have done more in history gone by on a smaller scale.)

Once someone is clear on how they can make a difference in the world, they ask for help and receive it from their community.

I see a world truly open, sustainable, authentic, caring and essentially adaptable to individual needs and resources as long as it’s focused on and acted out.

I have done the necessary work to become clear on what I get to do in this world.

When I overcame psychosis through purely hands-on natural treatment, caused by my perceived lack of ability to verbally self-express and ask for help, I completely changed my focus.

It became my vision to help others understand the mind-body connection to health through massage, Osteopathy and now health and mental fitness coaching, taking everything to a new level of hands-off approaches in holistic healthcare.

This funding opportunity is my way of setting myself up to help put this more excellent vision into place. Understanding how learning, productivity, health, satisfaction and collaboration are linked and can be celebrated, whereby societal conception and healthcare can become focussed on functionality and inclusiveness.

From someone affected strongly by ‘neurodiversity’ to someone perceiving themselves as ‘neurotypical,’ I’m sure there is an ability inside us that is fuelled by an incredible power.

I feel this power does not so much go away; it gets covered up and diminished by a lack of information and encouragement in making it and keeping it strong. I also feel this same power keeps us healthy, strong and agile when we focus on cultivating it, physically, mentally or emotionally, or all at the same time.

I think you have to be crazy enough to feel and think something is possible to make it happen.

… and if you haven’t given yet, there’s still a way to go!

Please remember a lot of small amounts can go a long way.

Whether you’ve given already or can’t give anything at this time, it would be greatly appreciated if shared with three others who would like to see balance, understanding, support and connection in the world.

If you’re great at social media (i.e., you talk, and a decent amount of people answer!), please share my link!

The full description in the gofundme link explains things. 👇🏼😃


Thanks again for absolutely anything you can bring to the table to make this happen!

‘Wholey Shift Batman!

If I don’t struggle, I can’t find a solution.

If I don’t empathise, I don’t truly connect with myself or others.

If don’t use planning and letting-go in equal measures, I can’t find a balance point.

If I don’t profoundly reflect and meditate on what’s possible, I can’t create the best choices.

If I don’t get and give feedback, I can’t make improvements.

If don’t trust myself, I can’t presume that anyone else will.

If I don’t take responsible actions with urgency, I can’t expect things to progress and work out for the best.

If I believe something’s not possible, succumbing to self-doubt and overwhelm, I can’t access my Unique Learning Ability, which I believe is the creative gateway to deliberate, navigated, organised evolution and progress.’

(Rory LemonAid 2022)

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