A Poem for Procession

A Poem for Procession:

‘Reframe the mind

to rewire the brain.

Reload the challenge

to reboot the ability.

Refresh the system

to release the body.

Repeat the method

to refine the process.’

(Rory LemonAid, 2021)


I’m preparing myself for creating my summit opt-in landing page video at the moment.

I recently had an hour’s walk back from the barber’s I found, through the new country I live in, hardly knowing anyone here 

… it’s a ride I get to travel with both my self-doubt and my self-esteem.

I could choose to see it as being lonely or as inspirational.

I choose inspirational!

Walking, connecting to the scenery and the unknown, lays down the feeling of opportunity in every moment.

I’m working with everything that comes to me in the moment.

I don’t have a mattress or bed frame yet where I live, just a folded double futon mattresses on the floor!

I’m still living out of suitcases because my summit will kick-start my business, services and finances going forward … and this will help bring forwards everything I want in my vision.

Helping me, help others, help themselves.

I can’t wait to have a ‘revitalisation’ space in Portugal, where people can join together, dance together, be treated, learn about accessing their true creativity and nourish themselves.

Thank you all for being here, it helps to know that whatever I feel, I have you all in my community.


I’m exploring the link between neurodiversity issues, stress management and long-term health, to see what’s possible to work with from and functional learning perspective. 

I feel we are creating everything in our lives as we go forward, be it a conscious or subconscious choosing, and what we prioritise with our thinking patterns makes things happen (or not happen!)

I look to reframe challenges with learning with a process of functional learning and self-expression by uncovering an understanding of how to access and work with our Unique Learning Ability (ULA).

I’m thrilled my Unique Learning Ability Show online summit (see my other posts!) aims to uncover top secrets from top experts to thrive with confidence, stability and productivity is coming soon (launching October 12th)!

Are you a great speaker (or do you know one?) in neurodiversity, mental/emotional fitness, functional learning or holistic health management?

Please do get in touch!

…and if you’re lit up by my ideas, I really would appreciate your help in getting this project going, so please click my GoFundMe link and make a contribution if you want to support me! If you can’t find the link, just ask!

Please let’s make this happen! ⏱🚀😎


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