There’s never been a more significant time for me to ‘trust the process.’

In the last two weeks my beliefs and emotions have been trying to drag me screaming into a pit of despair and non-action, threatening my health and livelihood.

The anxiousness felt so real and was all encompassing.

The intensive breath-work training bringing so much from the past, perceived present and future, and at the same time it re-established the stability to carry on.

I realised, it’s not possible to trust the process without the foundation of a powerful intention and vision, leading the way in the mid-ground!

On reflection, I discovered that when a powerful vision is present and chaos descends, you get to trust your decisions, regardless of knowing what’s for the best, which directs the process.

… and intention is useless without committed actions!

Once actions are taken, collecting evidence of what worked and re-committing to new actions allows deep confidence to develop.

… a fine balance of sticking to my own intuition, reviewing a whole new routine and asking for help/support from compassionate people from all angles was the real life-saver!

I feel testing out advice only from those who have gone through the very thing you’re seeking support about is important.

When shit happens, shift happens!

I can now choose the shift that happens by having new reference points and truly trusting the process.

Yet only when the intention and vision is powerful enough, otherwise I get to ask for direct support!

… and then more shit happens, yet like magic, not like sabotage.

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