What a first week of the Unique Learning Ability Show !!!

What a first week of the Unique Learning Ability Show !!!

I can’t say how thankful and thoroughly inspired I am to have talked with each of these innovators in their own field and most importantly, their FANTASTIC UNIQUENESS, supporting others with their vision!

Day 1 – Clinton Jordan

Day 2 – Eddy Smits

Day 3 – Sharon Maddy-Patel Coaching

Day 4 – Marcus Matthews

Day 5 – Kelley Raleigh

Day 6 – Maria Adriana

Day 7 –  Chezzy Kennedy

Day 8 – Di Parker

… and 2 weeks / 13 speakers to go!

Please note – there’s still time to jump on in as registration ends on November 1st 🙂

… and the content is released daily from the day after you register


Here’s some further details on why I’m doing this:

At 33 years old, I found out I was Dsylexic and before that, I really struggled with social anxiety, decision-making and verbal self-expression.

Since then, I have overcome these challenges and I made it my mission to help others substantiate their healthy habits and self-care beyond the treatment room.

I recently created The Unique Learning Ability Show – An online summit looking at Learning Challenges: Top secrets to thrive with confidence, stability and productivity.

The show addresses challenges with learning, issues with neurodiversity and unhealthy habitual behaviours with a functional application called a Unique Learning Ability (ULA), using a fun and accessible conversational format.

I’m curating 21 experts to impart their knowledge, talents and support, so that you can celebrate your unique talents, and learn how to speak up for what you need and feel valued.

Points of exploration:

– How to celebrate your unique talents

– Best known tips to manage the mind and emotions

– How to make self-fulfilling decisions in all situations

– How to speak up and feel valued

– 21 ways to perform at your best

So imagine if you could confidently do all this, without hiding or masking yourself!

The registration page is here:

I really believe there’s an easy way to personally develop, so this is what I want to share with you in my summit.

💪❤ 🎬 🚀


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