Who do you follow?

A transactional leader = ‘my people’ deserve and serve me, love and trust is earned, I judge old patterns of behaviour, I react to opinions and feedback unconsciously.

A transformational leader = I deserve and serve all people, love and trust are conscious choices at any given moment, I honour and let go of old patterns of behaviour, I invite and choose to respond to opinions and feedback consciously.

… a work in progress no less for humanity! ✨️

Talk to me if you want to know more about leadership training!

Rory (Osteopath and emotional adaptability and fitness coach) discovered he was dyslexic in the first year of full-time osteopathic masters studies at 33 years old, which helped him realize why he had not been able to communicate or express his true self throughout his earlier years.

The consequence of this previous lack of awareness had wide-ranging detrimental effects on his ability to progress both personally and professionally.

Fortunately, Rory had a number of opportunities over these difficult times to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally, through the power of natural holistic therapies.

Since his degree, Rory’s mission has been to uncover what might be missing from the application of general healthcare, especially where chronic health conditions are concerned.

He went on to develop a specialist understanding around the immune system and lymphatic health, as well as hands-free ways for people to move towards a bigger, functional longer-term health vision, such as via specialist types of coaching.

Rory specialises in helping sensitised young adults (especially with dyslexia and/or ADHD) realise their true potential, to be themselves, and gain the recognition they deserve in 12 weeks or less.

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