Being bold is beneficial!

Being bold is beneficial!

Yet, I feel it’s also up to the individual to learn, realise and implement their own brand of bold, and no-one else’s, which suits their particular current life situation.

This is because there’s a facade in the human mind that makes things appear to be more difficult than they really are, so ‘being bold’ can offen be put on a pedestal, causing the stress and overwhelm of not being bold enough, or comparing to someone else’s level of boldness.

I’d say being ‘bold’ can also be a most simple, easy, and most light action, and is a greatly effective committed action, when in line with the best vision and intention.

… and it could be said that action without a clarified best intention is a type of boldness that’s overly watered down or has a confused focus and direction.

Boldness in those circumstances, therefore takes excessive effort, and is exhausting in the longer term, either for the individual and/or those on the receiving end of the boldness.


I’m here to help young adults access the strength and confidence to speak their truth, especially if feeling stuck, unsupported and wanting to express themselves fully right now!

Just message me and we can chat about the opportunities and possibilities within you, or someone you know, as a wonderful creative neurodiverse being ðŸ™‚


Ps – it’s Connection Club tonight!!

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