I’m looking to support 5 wonderful Neurodiverse (ND) people over the next 4 weeks, dedicated to feeling empowered, knowing their true value and expressing themselves well.

You will know how to transform your life with my personal support by your side.

I’ve put together a special RRR (Recognise, Refocus, Results) personal breakthrough package consisting of connecting to the body, feelings and creating an effective actionable plan!

Together we will:

Recognise (your clarity)

Refocus (your vision)

Result (with your actions)

Who’s it for?

People who feel stuck and struggling to move forward
People who feel undervalued and overwhelmed
People who hide and don’t communicate their feelings

What’s included?

3 x 1.5 hour weekly sessions

The sessions are uniquely tailored to the person and will create positive, sustainable change.

Why am I offering this program?

I am extremely passionate about supporting ND people to have the best quality of life, express themselves well and bring their gifts and talents to the world!

… to go from okay, to a BADASS BRAVE BEACON!

Who am I?

I’m Rory, Holistic Health Coach and game changer!

I help dedicated ND people celebrate their uniqueness so that they can get unstuck, feel supported & express themselves fully!

Simply message me to book in your free ‘Find Your Place in The World’ strategy session!

Let’s make this happen!


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