3 years of work!

.. So this is 3 years of work, condensing 20 years worth of specialist interest 🤔🌊

It’s my freshly-made online workshop presentation found here:

It was made public only yesterday.

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All pros and cons fully welcomed! 🤓

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Move, Breathe and Flow: an intro to Lymphatic Health Exercise (workshops coming to London and Brighton October 2019)

Are you ready? ?

… for an introductory workshop introducing why and how to lighten up and refresh the lymphatic system, whilst efficiently boosting energy levels and feeling good?

… I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve been thinking, living, breathing and developing for the last few years!

Modern life can be draining (in terms of feeling fresh and full of life) and it sometimes can’t all be fixed with an hour of yoga per week, or cutting out a particular food type, or an extra hour in bed (although that could all help!)

It’s important to figure out what works to find and keep your own health, be it the right type of treatment, nutrition, job, sleeping pattern or movement practice.
(… Bare in mind your local Osteopath/Naturopath could be able help you holistically look into these avenues, as there’s no faster replacement for relevant treatment, advice and referral!)

When it comes to movement, little/often is usually a lot more effective than changing through extremes of inactivity and activity.

The difficult bit is knowing whether you have enough time for yourself, due to responsibilities, job-demands, caring for others or even your own beliefs about what you enjoy doing!

I have looked into many ways of moving and breathing well, taking influence from the philosophies of Osteopathy, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Wim Hoff Method, Tapping, Buteyko breathing techniques and osteopathic lymphatic drainage techniques, whilst keeping it nice and simple, effective and fun!

All movement is better than no movement when it comes to the lymph flow, however the routines I have pulled together I feel help to fast-track this fluid exchange, combined with the theory and practical application of what I call Lymphatic Health Exercise, they keep things refreshed quite literally and actually in a surprisingly short space of time!

The 1.5hr workshop will cover:

  • The essential anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system.
  • The key structural and functional components of breathing well.
  • The context behind lymphatic drainage and healthy movement.
  • How exercise is organised and developed in the brain and why the type of exercises you choose to do are important.
  • How to refresh the body, brain and immune system quickly and efficiently.
  • How to combine specific drainage movements with meditation, mindfulness and breath-work.
  • Exercises that aim to particularly improve/maintain freedom of motion between the muscles and connective tissues.
  • Easy ways to warm-up and cool-down the body.
  • A set of great movement and breathing techniques that are adaptable to different times of the day.

Please note:

… this introductory workshop will not be looking into how to go about specifically modifying the routines in the instances of aches, pains, tension, relaxation issues or fatigue (although it could be that it generally helps in some situations).
There will be a longer workshop coming soon in November that will cover these areas in more detail.
… It’s also not a promise that this can fix all ailments, but it might just be something that’s missing in your life, and knowing more about why and how go about your exercise could make an improved difference and motivate you to do it more!

If you can’t make this one, there will be more in the new year, plus some useful videos coming as soon as possible.

If you know someone (including friends/family/clients/patients) who may benefit from this, please share the Brighton (Oct 12th) and/or London (Oct 13th) Eventbrite event links below – thanks!



Much thanks and appreciations 🙂

#Wellbeing Events at Blue Patch’s Original Sustainable Department Store: #Shoreditch – December 2018

Seated Acupressure #Massage and Hand #Reflexology sessions available at Blue Patch’s Original #Sustainability Department Store in Shoreditch on Thursday 13th December from 6-9pm. #Bstore18

As part of the same event, I’m also holding a number of interactive introductory workshops on combining #mindfulness, #breath-work and #LymphaticHealth #exercise entitled ‘Move, Breathe and Flow!’ on Saturday 15th December from 9-10.30am.

This event is also a really great place to grab especially nice and handmade products created from ecologically sustainable resources and the treatments are available within shopping hours  🙂

Click the event link for further details and tickets!