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For initial screenings, consultations, follow-up consultations, Lymphatic Health Exercise 1-2-1 tutorial sessions, Holistic Health Hygiene analysis sessions, holistic ergonomic desk assessments and High-Performance Health Coach discovery calls.

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**** In light of the current situation and the need for physical distancing and self-isolation, we need to adapt and remain positive.

This is making the best of a tricky situation, but there’s a multitude of actions you can put in place to improve your situation and stay as healthy as possible within the comfort of your own home.

There is significant progress being made by means of online osteopathic consultation, reassurance and self-management technique education and advice.

So why not get in touch to learn self-care and management for a sustainable and preventative-health way of life? ****

Communication, Consent and Feedback

Your comprehension and satisfaction is intended throughout the entire osteopathic management process and your consent to care is a fully ongoing process.

The patient/practitioner relationship is like a healthy, progressive conversation comprising of disclosure, confidentiality, proposals, listening and adequate responses.

Addressing a person’s health condition at the holistic level requires a complete overview and consistent evaluation from the practitioner, including sets of questions, tests and approaches that may seem related or unrelated to your situation. Feelings of unease can sometimes be a natural part of any process that occurs within the search to make better changes and/or resolve a health issue.

If at any point, in an assessment, treatment, mentoring or coaching process, you feel uncomfortable, or that there is a misunderstanding with any questions, tests or approaches, it’s important to recognise it, express it, ask for clarification, request another approach, or simply acknowledge you don’t want to continue things as they currently stand. The circumstance can then be discontinued, explained in further detail and/or adjusted to suit your preference to avoid any further misunderstanding.

The end aim/goal is mutual satisfaction and/or relevant specialist referral.

On reflection, should you feel the need to complain or give constructive feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via this form, or if you would prefer to anonymously, the General Osteopathic Council website is also available for dealing with such requirements.

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