‘What is Health?’ – Tiny Talks Pt1

Tiny Talks Pt 1

… as part of the fortnightly ‘Health in the Making’ series on Tuesdays Insta Live.

‘What is Health?’ with Rory LemonAid and Ella Mesma.

… exploring new health-related topics from the holistic perspective every other week. Follow us: @rorylemonaid.happyurt & @businessyoga


… When we came up with Tiny Talks as a name for this series, I didn’t plan for our first one to make me look 1ft-tiny 🤣 🤣

(My phone screen didn’t work so I couldn’t see how to adjust the frame.)

… Seriously, looking forward to be a part of something that will be sharing such useful conversations every other week.

All the best – Rory LemonAid 🙂

Why not learn self-sustainability and a preventative-health way of life?

In light of the current situation and the need for physical distancing and self-isolation, we need to adapt and remain positive.

This is making the best of a tricky situation, but there’s a multitude of actions you can put in place to improve your situation and stay as healthy as possible within the comfort of your own home.

There is some significant progress being made by means of online osteopathic consultation, reassurance and self-management technique education and advice.

So why not learn self-sustainability and a preventative-health way of life?


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