3 years of work!

.. So this is 3 years of work, condensing 20 years worth of specialist interest 🤔🌊

It’s my freshly-made online workshop presentation found here:

It was made public only yesterday.

(having to give away for any donation right now, in these challenging times, but probably for the best really)

All pros and cons fully welcomed! 🤓

Love to know what you think (in your own time!)

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🧠 ✌🏼

LemonAid.xyz – The New Website! !

Years of dreaming, months in the making!

The aim of this blog is to provide progressive and specialist articles on integrated #holistichealth, mind, #body, #nutrition, rehabilitation, preventative medicine, #sustainability & inspiration for #keepinghealthy!

Any feedback, questions or booking inquires are very welcome here: Get in touch

Thanks for checking in and stay well   : )