Jumping in, before the rush! πŸ₯°

Jumping in, before the rush! 🀩


Take yourself easy for 2023.

That means take you, others, and any situation you can think of, in the past present ot future, easy for 2023 πŸ˜€

… and please don’t wait any longer to be in contact with me about making what you really want to make happen, regardless of what you think is best!

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I love to help sensitive / sensitized people switch emotions from scattered, survival mode to laser-focused and thriving in one minute or less!

I’m enrolling now, starting in January!

‘Secrets to Life’

12-week mind, body, and emotional reset coaching:

– level-up your life

– refresh your body

– restore peace of mind

– bounce back with velocity

– celebrate your potential

Service includes:

– 6 transformational somatic coaching sessions
– 7 weeks mental fitness program
– 2 pocket coaching calls
– Unlimited messaging support

I want to make it as easy as possible to get the transformation you, or someone else you know, need at this time.

Message me back for more info or to jump on a free VIP coaching audit, book it here:


What would you say is the most important skill for life?

For me, it’s emotional adaptability, to understand how to activate presence and creativity in the face of difficulties!

I get great results helping stressed-out women learn to get out of survival mode & scatter brain, to switch their emotions & become laser-focused in under

I’m very pleased to announce launching my debut ‘Secrets to Life’ programme, where I teach this process and other amazing skills for life πŸ˜€

I would like to offer you a FREE VIP Coaching Consultation & a Scholarship, as I only have 5 available, when you BOOK your VIP Consultation TODAY!

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Imagine what’s possible in your life, work and relationships if you’re able to have you emotions work for you, not the other way round!





‘Where does hunger stop and greed start?

… This is a question we should often ask ourselves, accompanying our desires and urges, as long as we want to keep a balanced, conscientious, sustainable, healthy and respectful life.’

(Rory LemonAid, 2021)

Health manifests and comes from what we choose to do via our mind, habits, beliefs and choices.

If we don’t look into and work with our mental strength and agility, we will make poor choices and our body has to take what comes regardless.

Looking after our mind will therefore look after our health within our work and life … and therefore the balance can often occur naturally or easily be found!

I feel it can often take me only a minute or so of mental fitness practice to change my perspective and make a good decision, depending on the weight of the situation and challenge I am facing.

Next time you feel upset or resistance, stop and notice how you deeply feel and allow yourself to get present who you truly are and who you want to be!

This is where best decisions, growth and inspiration comes from.

What are you getting from this?

Share if you care!

Coaching helps people get in touch with their full intentions, understand their heart’s true goals and build the system that gets them there!

… So healthy habits, optimal energy and somatic coaching here we come!

If your looking to improve your passion, intention and commitment for your longer-term health picture, and therefore thrive with emotional energy, impact and agility for yourself and others,

… all whilst learning a new skill that could be passed on to your clients/patients, so they may understand how to access, build and maintain better habits,

… give me a shout πŸ‘‡πŸΌ or message me πŸ“©)

… and there’s a complementary somatic coaching strategy session waiting for you!

I support ‘dyslexic’ manual health practitioners, teachers and coaches to stop struggling and design a lifestyle that thrives with optimal energy and impact.

… and neurodiverse thinking comes from a ‘Unique Learning Ability.’

Feel free to make contact if you want some easy ways to get clear and focussed!

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Dyslexia: Assessment, empathy and emotional intelligence (Steve McCue)

This guy is awesome!!

… He speaks my language and somehow effortlessly describes my own previous struggles and reflects back my subconscious beliefs on neurodiversity! 🀯

Check this podcast link πŸ‘‡πŸ½ to listen to the short and sweet talk (11 mins) to get some brilliant insight, especially if you’re ‘dyslexic’, ‘neurodiverse’ (or a ‘unique learning ability’ as I like to call it) or have your suspicions.


We can all often try to fit in to too many boxes that we feel ‘should fit into’, thus causing needless hassle, when we could actually create our own boxes to fit into in a lot of circumstances!

… in fact, consistent compromising to ‘fit in’ is what I think heavily contributes to the causes neurodiversity in the first place!

(hence, gene expression, acquired immunity, adaptable creativity, habit formation, etc)

His blog spot is found here:



I help ‘dyslexic’ and ‘neurodiverse’ manual health practitioners and coaches to stop struggling and design a life that thrives with energy and impact.

… because I am doing this and we get there quicker with support.

If any of this is singing to you, just let me know to see if I can help you πŸ˜€

How do we know if and when we are healthy?

I’m reallly excited as I’ve just sent off my draft article and assorted example exercise descriptions of #lymphatichealthexercise (s) for review by many wonderful osteopaths/health practitioners, before the Lymphatic Health Exercise launch in collaboration with @RehabMyPatient clinic software.

Within the article I refer to my Holistic Health Hygiene (HHH) model as a way to observe, analyse, manage, facilitate and therefore, where relevant, address and retrain the patterns that contribute to longer-term health management.

Here is my diagram that introduces the foundational ideas around the patterns of Holistic Health Hygiene.

I find this very challenging to hit the share button but I’m doing it anyway, (thanks to understanding and working with osteopathic reasoning, the positive intelligence operating system, performance coaching and marrying up ideas with action) !

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