I discovered I was ‘dyslexic’ when 33 …

I discovered I was ‘dyslexic’ when 33.

The more I’ve looked into, talked with others, and studied myself, the more I see I am most likely a crossbreed of other neuro-divergencies as well (especially autism and adhd)

I feel all these are labels created from an old system of thinking, based on looking at what ‘doesn’t work’, in relationship to a system that seeks and finds more problems to solve.

… and I notice that none of it matters if I don’t think about how I operate as a problem or read into how I’m feeling, because I’m productive, creative, loving, connected and courageous in that space, not the ‘wondering what others think of me’ space !!

What if we created new labels for these divergences based on what works well and from the collaborative/co-operative way of looking at thinking, learning, and interaction as humans?

I wrote something for you:

‘Sometimes it feels as though you’re only as amazing as you feel you are.

But I know this is not true.

You are just simply amazing.

We all learn in our own way.

You can make happen whatever you believe is possible, regardless of how you feel, through a designed vision of your ideal world and taking committed actions accordingly.

You capture whatever you throw out into the world, in line with whatever you’re believing at the time.

It’s your choice what to believe.

And the best choices come from relaxation, intuition and true intentions of that designed vision.

It doesn’t take much time, when you’re in that space.

All the rest is simply better habits from repeating the process.

Let me know if you want to chat about designing your true vision and need any help with repeating the process.

In the meantime, keep going!’


Feel free to check my story, in another blog post below ✨️ 😊

Welcome to Connection Club!

Merry Easter!!

… and here’s the details for Connection Club! πŸ˜€

Welcome to Connection Club, guided emergent discussions around mental fitness, emotional adaptability, heart-fuelled leadership, and being amazing in this world today!

A weekly place to explore at 19.30 uk time every Wednesday.

Launching on April 26th with a monthly inspirational guest speaker (last Wednesday of each month), covering many personal, professional, and purpose-led human evolutionary topics from various standpoints and methodologies.

You are invited as a conscious, heart-led creative being, and it’s FREE to jump in for your 1st month, to enjoy this progressive space of powerful visionary intention and motivation for direct unbridled action.


[Zoom link in comments]

Jumping in, before the rush! πŸ₯°

Jumping in, before the rush! 🀩


Take yourself easy for 2023.

That means take you, others, and any situation you can think of, in the past present ot future, easy for 2023 πŸ˜€

… and please don’t wait any longer to be in contact with me about making what you really want to make happen, regardless of what you think is best!

– z z , z z – – – – – – – z z , z z –

I love to help sensitive / sensitized people switch emotions from scattered, survival mode to laser-focused and thriving in one minute or less!

I’m enrolling now, starting in January!

‘Secrets to Life’

12-week mind, body, and emotional reset coaching:

– level-up your life

– refresh your body

– restore peace of mind

– bounce back with velocity

– celebrate your potential

Service includes:

– 6 transformational somatic coaching sessions
– 7 weeks mental fitness program
– 2 pocket coaching calls
– Unlimited messaging support

I want to make it as easy as possible to get the transformation you, or someone else you know, need at this time.

Message me back for more info or to jump on a free VIP coaching audit, book it here:


I’m thrilled to say I’m going to launch The Unique Learning Ability Show!!

I’m thrilled to say I’m going to launch The Unique Learning Ability Show, focusing on overcoming learning challenges with experts sharing top secrets to thrive with confidence, stability and productivity!

I’m embracing my relationship with money and stepping through my fear of judgement and asking for help.

My mission with this is to help people understand how to manage their energy and become emotionally fit, working on their strengths through challenges with learning,especially where neurodiversity issues and chronic health conditions are concerned.

Contributions will help me kick-start a movement, community and business supporting all the people it will help going forward!

Please share with 3 friends you know who could help/support me in this process!

Thanks for your time and here’s to a better world 😊πŸ’ͺ🏼❀


Dyslexia: Assessment, empathy and emotional intelligence (Steve McCue)

This guy is awesome!!

… He speaks my language and somehow effortlessly describes my own previous struggles and reflects back my subconscious beliefs on neurodiversity! 🀯

Check this podcast link πŸ‘‡πŸ½ to listen to the short and sweet talk (11 mins) to get some brilliant insight, especially if you’re ‘dyslexic’, ‘neurodiverse’ (or a ‘unique learning ability’ as I like to call it) or have your suspicions.


We can all often try to fit in to too many boxes that we feel ‘should fit into’, thus causing needless hassle, when we could actually create our own boxes to fit into in a lot of circumstances!

… in fact, consistent compromising to ‘fit in’ is what I think heavily contributes to the causes neurodiversity in the first place!

(hence, gene expression, acquired immunity, adaptable creativity, habit formation, etc)

His blog spot is found here:



I help ‘dyslexic’ and ‘neurodiverse’ manual health practitioners and coaches to stop struggling and design a life that thrives with energy and impact.

… because I am doing this and we get there quicker with support.

If any of this is singing to you, just let me know to see if I can help you πŸ˜€