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What can Massage help with?

It is well known by now that massage is a beneficial way of relieving modern-day stress and not simply a luxury. In too many situations, especially with work-related stress and the age of computers, tension can build over time until symptoms are prominent. More and more people are starting to use massage as a preventative method to keep their daily pressures under control. It can help to greatly reduce the possibility of developing unnecessary stress-related illnesses, e.g. high blood pressure, angina, digestive disorders, asthma, diabetes, depression, computer vision syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

Please bear in mind that all initial consultations need 15 minutes for personal details and medical history to be taken and discussed.

Treatments available:

Therapeutic Massage

Slow, deliberate techniques to improve circulation, reduce stress & allow muscles to relax.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage (DTM) focuses on the realignment of the underlying layers of muscles and deep connective tissues. The massage technique is slow with a firm pressure, concentrating on specific areas of tension or pain, and includes using soft fists, forearms and elbows.

This can help to relieve specific areas of muscular tension and discomfort. Amongst other holistic health benefits, it particularly improves mobility, increases range of motion and loosens tight muscle tissue. By improving blood circulation and increasing drainage to these areas, it can allow the release of toxins and bring nutrients to the affected tissues.

Seated Acupressure Massage

Seated Acupressure Massage, received in a special, ergonomically designed chair, is based on the traditional ancient Japanese Anma/Shiatsu style massage. Anma is Japanese for ‘press and rub’ and this therapy aims to stimulate the acupressure points in the head, neck, shoulders, spine and lower back. It is especially ideal for computer/desk-related tension and leaves the person feeling very relaxed, yet energised.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage (IHM), also originally known as Champissage, focuses on a specific wide range of exceptionally relaxing techniques applied to the scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and face, as well as energy balancing applied to the three upper chakras.

This can help to relieve specific areas of muscular tension and discomfort. Among other holistic health benefits, it particularly helps to improve blood circulation and increasing drainage to the head and neck areas.

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