Telehealth / Video / Online Consultation


(Please bear in mind that all initial consultations require up to 15 minutes for personal details and medical history to be taken and discussed – unless the 15 minute screening session has already been completed)

15 minute Screening / Queries / Consultation – 15 minutes – £15

Initial (or re-evaluation) consultation – 1 hour – £85

Follow-up consultation – 45mins-1 hour – £75

Holistic Health Analysis

Initial consultations – 1-1.5 hours – £85

Follow-up consultations – 45-1 hour – £70-80

Lymphatic Health Exercise

Lymphatic Health Exercise full routine tutorial – 1 hour – £85

Ergonomic Postural Desk Assessment

(Working From Home Support Session)

Ergonomic Assessment and application – 1 hour – £85


**** In light of the current situation and the need for physical distancing and self-isolation, we need to adapt and remain positive.

This is making the best of a tricky situation, but there’s a multitude of actions you can put in place to improve your situation and stay as healthy as possible within the comfort of your own home.

There is significant progress being made by means of online osteopathic consultation, reassurance and self-management technique education and advice.

So why not get in touch to learn self-care and management for a sustainable and preventative-health way of life? ****

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