“Before I was feeling guilt and self blame, apprehensive and anxious about showing up because of wanting to be perfect and in the past I actually wouldn’t have shown up. This would perpetuate that pattern even more; creating lack of flow. 

Now, through Rory’s help, I recognise the patterns and know I can show up at whatever point I am at.  I’m proud of myself, inspired and feel relieved to know I can show up as I am and that I benefit by not missing things and this flows into all other areas of my life. 

Thank you so much to Rory! Your skills at leading it, the depth of your knowledge and how you explain, it’s just fantastic. The encouragement to participate and share is also amazing and there’s all the deeper understanding that comes from this too!”


“I feel healed, transformed and euphoric with joy from being blocked and deeply hurt. I feel completely myself again and I almost have no words to express my thanks, and gratitude, and appreciation, and I absolutely could not have got to the root of those specific injured areas.”


 “Before working with Rory I felt constantly frustrated and exhausted by not understanding how my energies and mind really works. I literally would get taken along the ride. I think he’s at the forefront of new understandings about human beings. I’ve learned practical methods to harness the power of my mind and I’ve enjoyed doing it as well.

At the start, Rory also helped me to set out some specific goals and I completely smashed them. I feel like rather than this conflict occurring in my life, taking me down, I can now use this conflict as an opportunity to step up and gain from it, and so it’s all going to be alright.”


 “Earlier this year, I felt not in a great place. I had low moods, anxiety and was having problems with sleep.

Rory as a coach was supportive, patient. He was motivational and he held me to account in terms of the goals I’d set myself, but he was also fun to work with.

How I’m feeling now? I’m feeling calm, feeling stable, regulated emotionally. I’m feeling positive, proactive and I’m procrastinating less.”


“A really excellent session and very skilfully guided. I felt you were really with me and listening so that it felt personal and responsive to my situation. Thank you.”



 “Always does well to sort my back out, with great exercise and stretch routines recommended to help keep my back in order.”


“An incredibly intuitive, friendly and professional practitioner with years of experience. My first port of call when my back and shoulders are chewed up. Rory’s self help advice ensures you continue to heal and improve physically well after your treatment. Would highly recommend.”


 “I have been seeing Rory for the last two months to support my chronic condition. He is well skilled and an excellent practitioner who has not only helped ease the pain but also guided me on how best to manage the situation that I suffer from.”


 “I came to Rory with persistent painful headaches caused by neck and back pain. Rory successfully treated the symptoms and the cause by with some very helpful advice on exercises and techniques which I continue to use at home. I would not hesitate to recommend Rory or osteopathy in general. It has worked extremely well for me.”


“Fantastic practitioner who aided me greatly during one of my sciatica flare-ups. Very knowledgeable and friendly, highly recommended.”


“I have Fibromyalgia, a difficult condition to treat, but Rory always manages to make me feel better after a gentle treatment. He gives great exercises that are effective and fun to do. Thank you Rory.”


“ I came to Rory because of debilitating recurrent back and neck problems. He has never failed to put me right and he is now my go to person whenever I experience back pain. I find that his warm professional approach puts me at ease and his expertise in osteopathy does the rest ”


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