I discovered I was ‘dyslexic’ when 33 …

I discovered I was ‘dyslexic’ when 33.

The more I’ve looked into, talked with others, and studied myself, the more I see I am most likely a crossbreed of other neuro-divergencies as well (especially autism and adhd)

I feel all these are labels created from an old system of thinking, based on looking at what ‘doesn’t work’, in relationship to a system that seeks and finds more problems to solve.

… and I notice that none of it matters if I don’t think about how I operate as a problem or read into how I’m feeling, because I’m productive, creative, loving, connected and courageous in that space, not the ‘wondering what others think of me’ space !!

What if we created new labels for these divergences based on what works well and from the collaborative/co-operative way of looking at thinking, learning, and interaction as humans?

I wrote something for you:

‘Sometimes it feels as though you’re only as amazing as you feel you are.

But I know this is not true.

You are just simply amazing.

We all learn in our own way.

You can make happen whatever you believe is possible, regardless of how you feel, through a designed vision of your ideal world and taking committed actions accordingly.

You capture whatever you throw out into the world, in line with whatever you’re believing at the time.

It’s your choice what to believe.

And the best choices come from relaxation, intuition and true intentions of that designed vision.

It doesn’t take much time, when you’re in that space.

All the rest is simply better habits from repeating the process.

Let me know if you want to chat about designing your true vision and need any help with repeating the process.

In the meantime, keep going!’


Feel free to check my story, in another blog post below ✨️ 😊



I’m looking to support 5 wonderful Neurodiverse (ND) people over the next 4 weeks, dedicated to feeling empowered, knowing their true value and expressing themselves well.

You will know how to transform your life with my personal support by your side.

I’ve put together a special RRR (Recognise, Refocus, Results) personal breakthrough package consisting of connecting to the body, feelings and creating an effective actionable plan!

Together we will:

Recognise (your clarity)

Refocus (your vision)

Result (with your actions)

Who’s it for?

People who feel stuck and struggling to move forward
People who feel undervalued and overwhelmed
People who hide and don’t communicate their feelings

What’s included?

3 x 1.5 hour weekly sessions

The sessions are uniquely tailored to the person and will create positive, sustainable change.

Why am I offering this program?

I am extremely passionate about supporting ND people to have the best quality of life, express themselves well and bring their gifts and talents to the world!

… to go from okay, to a BADASS BRAVE BEACON!

Who am I?

I’m Rory, Holistic Health Coach and game changer!

I help dedicated ND people celebrate their uniqueness so that they can get unstuck, feel supported & express themselves fully!

Simply message me to book in your free ‘Find Your Place in The World’ strategy session!

Let’s make this happen!


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Does the word ‘intelligence’ remind you of feeling unheard, misunderstood or even resentful?

Perhaps it’s because you know that your style of intelligence doesn’t seem to fit in with the majority of society’s beliefs about what intelligence is?

I discovered I was ‘dyslexic’ when I was 33.

… Little did I know what the impact of my own self-beliefs were having on me, both long before and long after this discovery.

Here’s my story
(in both watchable and readable versions):

“I’m in my parents’ living room.

The letter has arrived.

I’m 16 years old.

There’s excitement, anticipation, and concern about what the future may hold.

These are my GCSE results.

… and I open the letter.

I was pleased that I’d done really well in all the self-paced coursework exams.

And yet there was a marked difference with all the time-restricted, sit-down exam results.

I had especially failed my 1st language, English language.

I felt like a failure, failed by a system that perceived one type of intelligence as the only way to be intelligent.

I felt not good enough, not smart enough, and essentially misunderstood.

These were the underlying teachings that school brought about for me.

Years passed, with me UNKNOWINGLY carrying those test results inside of me.

There was a lot of frustration and resentment, subtly shaping the beliefs about myself and the way society worked.

I would say to myself, I’m not a ‘communicator’ and I’m not a ‘business’ person.

I believed I was more of an artistic person!

I began excusing myself in avoiding to speak up.

This paradoxically reinforced the feelings of being unable to express my ideas properly, which then developed into social anxieties,

further manifesting as time-management issues, finance issues, and not following through with some of the most important things in life.

Depression and paranoia grew to the point of emotional exhaustion and debilitation, and I almost became mentally ill.

It was extremely fortunate that I discovered the power of natural healing methods, and I was able to recover,

which pointed me into a new direction and vocation in life, providing massage therapy.

Over the years, friends had suggested that I might be dyslexic

and some even said that I must be!

Yet, I wasn’t sure about how knowing this, having a diagnosis, would actually help me because I already ‘knew myself’.

Eventually, whilst studying my Masters degree in Osteopathy,

I got tested and diagnosed with ‘dyslexia’.

The relief and reassurance of knowing how my brain was functioning was wonderful,

and my confidence started to grow because I was able to relax, knowing I could just ‘be me’ in social situations,

I could at least be happy with actively choosing to be silent in group conversations.

I started to really discover my own unique learning ability

and I started to work with my own natural processing speed, rather than fighting against it.

I got support, I was mentored, and I learned to speed-read,

and I ESSENTIALLY LEARNED how to learn,

13 years went by, I continued to study, train, and practise ways to promote physical and emotional health,

and saw what was possible to change in my own brain.

I had coaching in performance, self-awareness, speaking, mental fitness, business communication, and leadership.

Now, after 25 years, spending all that time and money in personal development,

from the most confusing and distraught time in my life,

to knowing how to thrive with self-assurance,

I now know how to shift those unhelpful stories of anxiety and depression in each moment and maintain my mental fitness,

not just accepting what I thought was ‘dysfunctional’ in my brain and about society,

but also challenging those nieve beliefs and actually CONVERTING them and activating a better reality!

I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through, especially for so long.

Not expressing what they want, when they want to, and losing all those opportunities to create the results they truly desire,

affecting relationships, health, work, finances, productivity, creative flow, and ultimately, happiness.

So, I help Neurodivergent and Neurodiverse people feel good, valued, and celebrate their own unique learning ability,

So that they can interact with the world, the way they want to, and feel empowered, heard, and understood!

This is where real magic and true results can be created!

Like many of you, whether you’re aware or not of these limiting beliefs that go on underneath and inside of us,

These struggles are real.

Playing out in unique behaviours, choices, and actions,

keeping us stuck and restricting the ways we can move forward.

I believe whether you’re a learner, or a teacher, or a team player, or a leader, or employee, or a manager,

we can find what works for us and celebrate the gifts and talents of those around us.

We all learn and respond to things uniquely.

We all remember and work things out differently.

We can understand how to lead ourselves and others compassionately and in adaptable ways.

People often ask me, ‘Can you help ME with MY doubts, scatteredness, stress, communication, and bad habits?’

… and the answer is yes!

The next step is to book your Pull-up Your Power and Find Your Place in The World strategy session.

(booking link below! 👇🏼)

What it is, is a free 45-minute call, where we get to know your situation properly and see what’s possible for you.

What it does, is to identify your current challenges and struggles and clarify the steps you need to take yourself forward.

What it means, is that you don’t have to continue to worry and struggle on your own,

and you will see a clear picture of the true value you can bring to the world.

I’ve spent 25 years discovering and deep-diving into my own Neurodiversity, managing my physical and mental well-being,

so you don’t have to waste any more time being anxious, procrastinating, and hiding your emotions.

You can learn all this from me in an incredibly shorter space of time instead!

Picture a day, when you no longer feel anxious about speaking up and expressing yourself.

Picture a day, when your best friend says ‘your confidence is shining, and it’s so great to see!’

And picture a day, when you’re sitting on a beach, feeling full of peace and joy,

because you no longer have a reason to regret your choices and actions.

We’re just a call away from you having a plan that drives you towards that day.

Whether you’re a young adult, Neurodivergent that’s freshly diagnosed,

or whether you’re late-diagnosed, feeling stuck and wondering what to do next,

or whether suspecting you are Neurodiverse, or just feeling different from those around you, fighting to fit in

around the ‘normal’ ways of doing things,

I can help you to feel safe, supported, and celebrate your uniqueness,

for you to feel ready to speak your truth and express yourself the way you dream of.

I’ll leave you with this.

I told you before, that I was afraid to speak up and communicate my ideas properly

and that I healed from mental exhaustion and illness

and that the diagnosis of dyslexia gave me some relief I was sorely craving.

that I could simply relax and just ‘be me’ and actively choose not to get frustrated in any social situation.

At that point, it felt like the sky was the limit!

Now, today, I feel there ARE no limits, in creating and building the life of my dreams.

I went from feeling the fear of rejection and the fear of using my voice to creating a 21-day summit,

enrolling and interviewing expert speakers, guiding ALL of those conversations, and becoming THE expert in facilitating the clear communication that was necessary.

So, I believe that when you combine the power of self-expression, with the power of unrestricted, Neurodiverse thinking,

and accessing the power of the unique learning ability within you,

there are no limits.

There are no limits to what you can do,

There are no limits to who you can be.

There are no limits to what you can achieve

There, are, no, limits.”

Here’s the booking link!


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Being bold is beneficial!

Being bold is beneficial!

Yet, I feel it’s also up to the individual to learn, realise and implement their own brand of bold, and no-one else’s, which suits their particular current life situation.

This is because there’s a facade in the human mind that makes things appear to be more difficult than they really are, so ‘being bold’ can offen be put on a pedestal, causing the stress and overwhelm of not being bold enough, or comparing to someone else’s level of boldness.

I’d say being ‘bold’ can also be a most simple, easy, and most light action, and is a greatly effective committed action, when in line with the best vision and intention.

… and it could be said that action without a clarified best intention is a type of boldness that’s overly watered down or has a confused focus and direction.

Boldness in those circumstances, therefore takes excessive effort, and is exhausting in the longer term, either for the individual and/or those on the receiving end of the boldness.


I’m here to help young adults access the strength and confidence to speak their truth, especially if feeling stuck, unsupported and wanting to express themselves fully right now!

Just message me and we can chat about the opportunities and possibilities within you, or someone you know, as a wonderful creative neurodiverse being 🙂


Ps – it’s Connection Club tonight!!

Welcome to Connection Club!

Merry Easter!!

… and here’s the details for Connection Club! 😀

Welcome to Connection Club, guided emergent discussions around mental fitness, emotional adaptability, heart-fuelled leadership, and being amazing in this world today!

A weekly place to explore at 19.30 uk time every Wednesday.

Launching on April 26th with a monthly inspirational guest speaker (last Wednesday of each month), covering many personal, professional, and purpose-led human evolutionary topics from various standpoints and methodologies.

You are invited as a conscious, heart-led creative being, and it’s FREE to jump in for your 1st month, to enjoy this progressive space of powerful visionary intention and motivation for direct unbridled action.


[Zoom link in comments]

My previous lack of self-assurance kept me inside myself and afraid to speak out for so long…

My previous lack of self-assurance kept me inside myself and afraid to speak out for so long.

Discovering how to access my unique learning ability and being coached in connecting to my true self made all the difference!

I help neurodiverse young adults express themselves in the way they dream of, without the fear of speaking up and overloading themselves, so they are able to become self-sufficient and maintain fulfilling relationships.

If you know someone who is struggling with anything like this, please connect us.

The world needs amazingly intelligent and sensitive people to step up, contribute and make it a better place 🙂

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Here’s a concept for you

Young adults and neurodiverse beings!

Here’s a concept for you:

Emotional Freedom Coach DJ:

‘Info, support & guidance to help change the tunes in your mind, one record at a time!’


Tune yourself up!

Tune yourself in!

Self-care includes discovering ‘who can help’, as well as what you can do for yourself.

I’d be very happy to explore that with you 🙂 👇🏼



I especially love to help young adults get unstuck, feel supported, and express themselves fully!

Are you ready to trust the process??

‘I help young adults who struggle with dyslexia and/or adhd get unstuck, reduce scattered mind and express themselves fully!’

2 spots left on my mental fitness program starting extremely soon, with a limited edition health grant that I can gift if you’re ready to go this time!

Jump on a call here to discuss details:


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I’m also very excited to announce I’m going to launch a weekly connection club called ‘The Sensational Self Alliance’ or perhaps just simply ‘Connection Club’ 😅

Which name do you prefer and would you like to come?

It would focus on guided emergent discussions around mental fitness, emotional adaptability, heart-fuelled leadership, and being freaking amazing in this world today.

It will also have a monthly inspirational guest speaker, covering many personal, professional, and purpose-led evolutionary topics from various standpoints and methodologies.

If you are a conscious, heart-led creative being, I would offer you all the first month for free to jump in and enjoy this progressive space of powerful visionary intention and motivation for direct unbridled action.

If you want to join us, say ‘Aye Aye’ below 👇🏼😀

… and let me know which title you prefer (varying suggestions on the theme are welcomed!)

… and let me know what evenings would work for you best in general

Speak soon!


What are your favourite secrets?

“I feel that ‘feedback’ and ‘openness’ are two secrets to be found that humans can use, to know their role in the universe, to listen and direct themselves and fully cooperate with each other.”

Who do you follow?

A transactional leader = ‘my people’ deserve and serve me, love and trust is earned, I judge old patterns of behaviour, I react to opinions and feedback unconsciously.

A transformational leader = I deserve and serve all people, love and trust are conscious choices at any given moment, I honour and let go of old patterns of behaviour, I invite and choose to respond to opinions and feedback consciously.

… a work in progress no less for humanity! ✨️

Talk to me if you want to know more about leadership training!

Rory (Osteopath and emotional adaptability and fitness coach) discovered he was dyslexic in the first year of full-time osteopathic masters studies at 33 years old, which helped him realize why he had not been able to communicate or express his true self throughout his earlier years.

The consequence of this previous lack of awareness had wide-ranging detrimental effects on his ability to progress both personally and professionally.

Fortunately, Rory had a number of opportunities over these difficult times to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally, through the power of natural holistic therapies.

Since his degree, Rory’s mission has been to uncover what might be missing from the application of general healthcare, especially where chronic health conditions are concerned.

He went on to develop a specialist understanding around the immune system and lymphatic health, as well as hands-free ways for people to move towards a bigger, functional longer-term health vision, such as via specialist types of coaching.

Rory specialises in helping sensitised young adults (especially with dyslexia and/or ADHD) realise their true potential, to be themselves, and gain the recognition they deserve in 12 weeks or less.